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How To Clean Shower Glass: 4 Easy Ways.

Published: April 7, 2016 at 1:46am

If you think cleaning the shower is one of the most tedious jobs in the house, then you are not alone. It often feels like no matter how hard you scrub, you can’t get your shower screen completely clean. When you finally get it clean, it’s tempting to leave it in pristine condition and never shower again just to keep it that way!

Don’t worry, that won’t be necessary! We wrote this article to save you. Think of it as your shower cleaning bible. We’ll teach the tips and tricks, not to mention our top recommended methods. You may need to go out and grab a few things but otherwise these methods can be done with regular household items.

Let the cleaning begin…


Magic Erasers

I don’t know what’s in these little things but they are amazing at getting rid of soap scum. In the past, I’ve used them to get rid of coffee stains on mugs but someone suggested I use it on shower glass. They were right! Best thing about magic erasers is that you don’t need detergents or sprays, you just need a bit of water and you’re good to go. Check out magic erasers here.


Vinegar is really great. My mum swears by it, my Mum’s Mum swears by it. It definitely has merit! It’s cheap and if you don’t want to try the harsher shower screen chemicals, then vinegar is perfect. It is certainly one of the most natural ways to clean your shower glass without exposing your family to harsh chemicals in the process. You can mix it with some water and put it in a left-over spray bottle or for the more stubborn stains; leave it to soak overnight then give it a good scrub in the morning. If you choose to use vinegar, I recommend using steel wool to really get that grime out.


Gumption is a household cleaning product which was originally sold in the UK as a bathroom cleaning paste from the 1920s. Basically, it’s been cleaning shower screens for decades! You simply apply a bit of paste to a damp cloth, wipe down the surface then rinse off. I must warn you though, there are a few precautions when using Gumption. It can actually ruin some surfaces! Test it on an area first, in good light, allow spot to dry and check results from different angles. Don’t worry though, trust me when I say that using Gumption to clean shower glass is fine. In fact, it’s exceptional.


We digress

Your shower can be perfectly spotless but within a week, the dreaded residue returns like a soapy nightmare and you’re back to square one.

So what is the recommended method you ask?

As the saying goes; An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

We recommend prevention.

One thing these previous methods have in common is actually cleaning. To get a good result, you really have to work for it. This is where Nanokote comes in…



It seems crazy, the idea of never scrubbing again but Nanokote really is the all-in-one solution. Nanokote is a one coat application that uses nanotechnology to tailor the structure of your surface at the nanoscale to achieve amazing results. Nanokote actually decreases your cleaning time by up to 90%. Nanokote coats your surface with a protective barrier which creates a “run-off effect” so water simply rolls off. Nanokote can be used on multiple surfaces, internal and external. Not just shower glass, but all areas of your bathroom!

Nanokote saves you cleaning time, the cost of constantly buying products, the minimal reapplication costs and the cost of replacing surfaces that get damaged by soap scum and residue. You can rest at ease, knowing that in months to come you’re shower glass will still be sparkling. Instead of scrubbing your grimy shower screens, prevent that hazy film from ever coming back by cleaning your shower glass with us the right way.

Don’t clean it by yourself, kote it for life. Call us now on (08) 9380 9022 or click here to email us now!



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