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Using the power of nanotechnology we PRESERVE the shine, PREVENT the grime and PROTECT your home from mold, rust, graffiti and corrosion.

Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating
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Innovative Antislip Coating For Concrete, Tiles AND Terrazzo

Is your floor slippery? Is your floor considered a safety hazard? We have the perfect coating system for you.

Nanokote Antislip is a near-invisible coating system for concrete floors, tiles and terrazzo. It is made out of a durable two-part organometallic polysiloxane-polyepoxy.

This Antislip coating has a high bond strength with a high mechanical resistance. The water-repellent surface makes the removal of contamination easier. It also makes the floor scratch-resistant.

Nanotechnology has allowed for the very thin coating to create excellent slip resistance. While doing this, the coating does not change the look of the treated surface. It can also serve to add more colour to the floor since the coating is available in any colour.

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Areas of Application

  • Commercial Areas such as Shopping Centres, Hotels, Aged Care, Schools, Airports, Warehouses and Factories
  • Sports Areas such as Stadiums, Sports Facilities and Swimming Pools

Benefits of NANOKOTE Commercial Glass Spray Coating:

  • Hydrophobic
  • Extreme Resistance to Acids, Bases and Solvents
  • Extreme Resistance to UV, Dirt and Contaminants
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Removal

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WA's Only Applicators

Nanokote WA are the only licensed applicator of Nanokote products in WA providing 10 year warranties.

Australian Made

Our nanotechnology has been tried and tested to ensure we provide our customers with the best results.

Operating Since 2007

We've been protecting Perth since 2007, making us the longest operating coating company in Perth.