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Using the power of nanotechnology we PRESERVE the shine, PREVENT the grime and PROTECT your home from mold, rust, graffiti and corrosion.

Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating Glass and Ceramic Coating
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Nanokote’s Glass Coating – Permanent Glass Solution & how to clean glass pool fencing

Is glass cleaning for your building driving up your cleaning costs? Have you ever wondered how to clean glass pool fencing easily? Our good news for you is that your cleaning costs can actually be lessened by up to 90%. With our commercial glass spray coating, you could say goodbye to huge bills from your cleaning agency.We offer revolutionary protection on your glass that are suitable for both interior and exterior use. These are completely invisible and extremely durable. They also instantly repel most substances that come into contact. Our coatings significantly outperform similar coatings by 600% as verified by independent NATA testing. The lifespan of your assets will definitely see an exponential increase especially with our 10 year warranty. The curing process is absurdly quick since it only needs less than 15 minutes. This saves you more than 7 hours compared with our competitor coatings. Not only that, our solutions are environmentally friendly.
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Areas of Application

  • Commercial and Residential Architectural Glass
  • Curtain walls
  • Windows
  • Insulated Glass Units (IGU's)
  • Shower Doors or Enclosures
  • Glass Balustrades, Fences and Railings
  • Seaside Developments
  • Kitchen Splashbacks

Benefits of NANOKOTE Commercial Glass Spray Coating:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Up to 90% less time needed for cleaning
  • Many easy clean coatings for glass are only hydrophobic. This means they only repel water and not oil.
  • Chemically changes the surface of glass to make it non-stick.
  • Will not peel, flake or crack over time.
  • UV stable and non-yellowing making it ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Protection against limescale, water marks and other contamination.
  • Protects against the etching and pitting that can result from the likes of cement splatter, paint, render and plaster during construction.
  • Extreme durability verified by independent NATA approved testing.
  • Fast curing (15 minutes) allowing for easy QA & QC processing.
  • Does not make glass slippery.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaners with a microfiber cloth is all that is needed to maintain the coated glass.

Customers And Projects:

Aside from supplying major international glass companies with Nanokote, our projects include:

  • Air traffic control towers in Melbourne and Adelaide for improved visibility and easy maintenance.
  • External glass on 5 story apartment complex in Gold Coast, Australia. The coated glass is now more protected from sea spray.
  • More than 1,000 sqm of external glass at the Latrobe Hospital in Victoria, Australia. Maintenance is easier and faster. Glass is also given extra protection from staining and etching caused by acid rain.
  • Bus Shelters in Perth, Australia now have self cleaning surfaces.

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WA's Only Applicators

Nanokote WA are the only licensed applicator of Nanokote products in WA providing 10 year warranties.

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Our nanotechnology has been tried and tested to ensure we provide our customers with the best results.

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We've been protecting Perth since 2007, making us the longest operating coating company in Perth.