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Using the power of nanotechnology we PRESERVE the shine, PREVENT the grime and PROTECT your property from mold, rust, graffiti and corrosion. Contact NanokoteWA for the best Anti graffiti coating Perth.

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What solution's right for you?

Choosing the right coating can be a challenge. We have various options that you can employ to protect different parts of your property. Below is a quick summary to help you make the right choice for you!

Nanokote ProGuard Coloured Anti-Graffiti.

Recommended for concrete - permanent one coat anti graffiti, anti carbonation coating and self-cleaning functionalities. Manufactured in Melbourne Australia and protected under a global patent. Nanokote ProGuard is Spec 908 and available in any colour.

Nanokote EcoBarrier™ clear Anti-Graffiti.

Recommended for: aluminum, mild steel, concrete, GRC, bricks, wood (varnished), plastic, Alpolic panels, painted and lacquered surfaces. Used on aluminium or other light metal components and surfaces (untreated or treated), it offers an excellent protection against corrosion. Available in matte and gloss finishes.

Nanokote ProGuard™ Texture Series.

Recommended for concrete - permanent anti graffiti coating and self-cleaning functionalities. Manufactured in Melbourne Australia and protected under a global patent. The coating provides excellent long-term protection against concrete cancer and corrosion and permanent anti-graffiti function. Available in a range of texture profiles and any colour.

Nanokote WA also specialise in the application of a number of different Anti-Graffiti coatings including Dulux and Guardian coatings. For more information on these, please contact us.

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Summary of Key Benefits

  • One coat application process (no priming)
  • Exceptionally strong bond with concrete
  • Excellent hiding characteristics on both concrete and old coatings
  • High weather resistance and UV stable
  • Excellent carbon dioxide resistance and water vapour diffusivity
  • Hydrophobic, self-cleaning surface
  • Excellent barrier to water ingress and chloride ions
  • Excellent anti-graffiti performance
  • 10 Year Nanokote Pty Ltd Warranty

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Not only have we been approved by WA Mainroads, we're in fact the only licensed applicators in Perth.

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We've been protecting Perth since 2007, making us the longest operating coating company in Perth.