Nanotechnology Protective Coatings Perth WA

Cleaning Tips

We've made understanding how to clean easier

Perth’s water supply has some of the highest amounts of calcium bicarbonate and reactive silica in the country. These contaminants are not harmful to us, but in some instances can permanently damage glass within a matter a weeks! This process is also known as glass corrosion or glass cancer. Due to this, cleaning the Nanokote surface needs to be done correctly and regularly.

Reactive silica bonds to the glass surface just like the Nanokote does because glass is made of silica, in a way it ‘marries’ itself to the surface that can over time, if not cleaned regularly, cause permanent damage to the Nanokote and the glass. In order to maximize the benefit, durability and importantly the warranty of the coating the following maintenance and care instructions need to be adhered too.

Cleaning frequencies alter depending on what area it is, north of the river cleaning schedules differ from south of the river. Also how often it’s exposed to water and other contaminants and a number of other factors. For example; because Perth’s water has very high levels of silica and calcium, a shower screen that’s used daily needs to be cleaned once a week with Nanokote bathroom care cleaner and ideally squeegee down after each use in order to maintain and maximise the life of the Nanokote.

It’s also important to know the durability of Nanokote. The only way to remove Nanokote is to physically scratch it out the surface or use a rare earth oxide. So don’t be afraid that you’ll remove the Nanokote using the bathroom care cleaner or an acidic base cleaner!

Below is a detailed video of the best cleaning methods. Nanokote Bathroom Care/100% white vinegar and regular cleaning is necessary in Perth due to high amounts of Silica.

We recommend the following cleaning instructions

Shower Screens

  1. Squeegee the treated surface after each use
  2. Once per week spray a solution of Nanokote bathroom care/alternative cleaner (see below) onto wet glass and let sit for 1-2 minutes then wipe off with a mirofibre cloth until the surface is smooth again or build-up removed.
  3. Wash down the glass with water to remove any excess cleaner.
  4. Squeegee remaining water off the glass.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles - Once per week

  1. Same process as shower screens, spraying cleaner over the tiles including grout lines and floor.

Pool Fencing/Glass Balustrades

Can vary from once a fortnight to once every few months - the closer the fence is to the pool, the more regular maintenance is going to be required. This can involve a Nanokote specific cleaner. We have also found if you have a salt water pool this can involve more regular cleaning.

High Maintenance Fences

  1. Use a Nanokote specified cleaner and water to remove build up from affected areas.
  2. Wash fence down with water and go over areas with a sponge/microfiber cloth.
  3. Wash off any excess cleaner.
  4. Squeegee remaining water off the surface.

Low Maintenance Fences

  1. Wash fence down with a mild detergent/acidic based cleaner and/or water and go over surface with a sponge/microfiber cloth.
  2. Wash off any excess cleaner.
  3. Squeegee remaining water off the surface.
  4. Other Nanokote treated areas
  5. Microfiber cloth and Nanokote bathroom care/white vinegar/acidic based cleaner/water (whichever is necessary)
  6. Spray area with appropriate cleaner.
  7. Wipe with microfiber cloth
  8. Squeegee/wipe with clean soft cotton cloth/microfiber

Recommended Citrus Cleaners for All Nanokote Surfaces

  • Pine-o-Clean Xpress Cleaner (Citrus/Orange base)
  • Ajax Spray & Wipe (Citrus base)
  • Easy Off Bam (Shower Product)
  • Shower Power

For areas with exceptional hard water, high silica and calcium carbonate levels, more regular cleaning will be required with a micro fibre cloth and a specific Nanokote cleaner may be necessary, consult your registered applicator for details.

Due to extremely high levels of silica and calcium carbonate from reticulation systems, Nanokote WA cannot provide a warranty for areas affected by reticulation, whether its scheme or bore. We can however provide you with a specific NAnokote cleaner, equipment and instructions to help reduce, not eliminate, the build up on the affected surface. Our recommendation is to alter reticulation systems to avoid any contact to glass surface.

The need to use harsh cleansers or toxic chemicals is no longer necessary to maintain the pristine appearance of your treated surface. When cleaning your treated surface you must not use aggressive (especially alkaline chemicals such a bleach) or abrasive cleaners. This will void the warranty.

If you require more information or have any questions, please contact us.