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About Nanokote

Since 2007 Nanokote WA has been the sole licensed agent and only registered applicator in WA for Nanokote™ advanced protective coatings. We are 100% West Australian owned and operated.

We work with the WA’s most exclusive builders and glass companies. We specialise in environmentally friendly advanced protective coatings that protect and seal a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Our coatings help with rust, anti graffiti, corrosion and glass protection.

Developed and manufactured in Melbourne, Nanokote is a division of Micronisers Pty Ltd which has a long standing relationship with the CSIRO in researching and developing nanotechnologies for 15 years.

Our customers love us to Kote new and old shower screens, bathrooms, any types of corrosive metals and glass pool fencing. We use revolutionary state of the art technology to deliver the best results possible. We also provide next generation anti-graffiti coatings for Main Roads Spec 908 on noise walls, bridges and other concrete infrastructure.

When comparing other coating products, make sure to compare their durability report or warranty information to ours, you will see the difference of Nanokote! Remember to always make sure you’re getting Nanokote with a K - be wary of imitators!

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Shower Screens are our Number #1 priority in any home

but the coating is also perfect for pool fencing, glass belustrading, exterior windows, ceramic showers recess tiles, hand basins, etc.

Our Specialties

Glass Coatings

Are you worried about damage to your new glass surface? Do yourself a favour and get long term protection with Nanokote. Due to high levels of silica and calcium in Perth’s water supply it can compromise your glass almost immediately if not protected adequately.

All Nanokote new surface the application products being will be covered by a 10 year warranty. We can protect any glass or ceramic surface throughout the home, mainly focusing on water areas and exterior glass. Shower Screens are our number #1 priority in any home, also perfect for pool fencing, glass balustrading, exterior windows, ceramic shower recess tiles, hand basins and more!

Rust and Anti-Graffiti Protection

Nanokote uses state of the art nanotechnology to enable permanent anti-graffiti and corrosion protection suitable for aluminum, mild steel, concrete, GRC, bricks, wood (varnished), plastic, Alpolic panels, Alucobond, colorbond, painted and lacquered surfaces plus more.

Nanokote has water, oil and dirt repellant properties facilitating a self-cleaning functionality to the surface. Reducing the need to clean and permanently seals the substrate from moisture and UV damage. We can protect stainless steel, concrete, glass and ceramic surfaces and more! Call us on 08 9380 9022 to get a free quote.

Restoration Services

Have a mineral stained 10 year old glass or ceramic surface? No worries! Choose Nanokote WA to remove up to 95% of mineral stains and corrosion, bringing your surface back to that near new condition look! Get us to apply the Nanokote protective coating treatment to prolong the life of the surface and making it easier to clean. Nanokote is permanent anti-stick a protection coating that is suitable for both interior and exterior use that will cut the time cleaning your glass and ceramic surfaces by up to 90%!

The longest operating protective nanotechnology coating specialists in Perth

WA's Only Applicators

Not only have we been approved by WA Mainroads, we're in fact the only licensed applicators in Perth.

Trusted Technology

Our nanotechnology has been tried and tested to ensure we provide our customers with the best results.

Operating Since 2007

We've been protecting Perth since 2007, making us the longest operating coating company in Perth.

Companies we work with

Absolute Balustrades Armstrong Parkin Architects Chelsea Aluminium EIW Architects Glass Boundaries Humphrey Homes John Holland Lavare - European Luxury Bathrooms Stegbar